About Us

If there’s one thing the owners of THE WALKING GOURMET™ know—it’s good food! Having lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York, San Francisco and more than 50 years living in Las Vegas among them, these guys had one goal and one goal only in creating THE WALKING GOURMET™—to create a food tour exhibition of the best food on the Las Vegas Strip! And that’s exactly what they have done! This is Las Vegas’ only “walk and dine” tour.

The owners of THE WALKING GOURMET™ have watched the proliferation of old Vegas staples to the new exciting food transformation…no more 99 cent shrimp cocktails and $2.00 All-You-Can-Eat buffet, Las Vegas has evolved into a dining destination for the entire world to envy. Las Vegas brings the best of the Orient, Pacific Rim, Europe, the Southwest, and American cuisine, all wrapped within a four-mile culinary adventure. We at THE WALKING GOURMET™ have sampled hundreds of restaurants to bring to you the Best of Las Vegas eating, in one tour!

THE WALKING GOURMET™ is a guided food sampling tour of some of Las Vegas’ best restaurants and specialty eateries. Guests from all over the world are invited to experience the culinary excellence that the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding valley have to offer. A Walking Gourmet Tour guide walks guests to each restaurant, giving the history behind the restaurants and interesting facts about Las Vegas.

THE WALKING GOURMET™ has teamed up with award-winning restaurants and chefs to provide a spectacular food sampling experience of the eclectic offering of restaurants in Las Vegas. Your dining experience will provide enough food to satisfy any appetite. Many of our participating restaurants offer wine or cocktail pairings to complete the dining experience. So come hungry and excited about THE WALKING GOURMET™, as you eat your way through the best restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip with THE WALKING GOURMET™!